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Backyard backy

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"Hitting more back flips and waves with less back pain"

36-year old software engineer and surfer/snowboarder did his first ever backflip in Tahoe (yeah!) and is riding waves again with minimal back pain after a significant back injury as we worked on his balance, posture, strength and hops.  #FLIPPINAWESOME

"At 48, doing more pullups and running better than he did as a college athlete"

48-year old organizational president and dad of three went from 0 to 10 pullups in three months (and 17 after seven months) while improving his mile time from 7:55 to 7:03 after 7 months) while losing 10lbs.  #LEANMACHINE

"Lowest bodyfat and strongest ever at age 54"

54-year old doctor lost over 4% of her bodyfat in three months as we worked together on a dynamic and changing resistance training approach. #STRONG

"Former IRONMAN athlete in the best shape of his life at 50"

An architectural partner, proud Dad and husband now runs a 6:07 mile, his personal best. And after a ski accident and an ACL surgery, he is back on the slopes and skiing strong, working together three times a week.  (His wife also thinks that he is in better shape than when we was completing Iron Man races a decade ago.) #SPEEDDEMONDAD

"Enjoying golf more with less pain and fatigue"

64-year old financial executive improved his swing while reducing fatigue and soreness with two sessions a week focusing on core endurance, mobility, strength and balance.  #FLEXIFUNGOLFING

"Stronger and leaner while enjoying food"

33-year old software engineer increased from 11 to 32 pushups in two months while losing 5.5% bodyfat working out three days a week and enjoying a flavorful diet. #LEANERNOTMEANER

"Less back pain. more energy and more time playing with his athletic kids"

49-year old dad of three is pain-free during movements that caused him back pain and apprehension (squatting, playing lacrosse) so he can play more and run with his two sons and daughter. #SUPERDAD

"Fits into her college jeans again"

33-year old skilled sales rep went from a 7:50 mile to to a 6:46 mile in three months with less pain in her hip, and she runs only 3x/week in addition to training 2x/week.  All while fitting into clothes she wore over ten years ago.  #FITANDFAST

"Grew muscle and bulked up at a record pace"

After a frustrating summer of trying to grow muscle on his own, a 30-year old marketing rep gained over 6lbs of muscle in one month, with an overhaul of his diet and workout routine.  He enjoyed the changes in his workouts and food intake and managed with surprising ease.  #BEASTMODE

"Solid muscle and strength gains"

A 25-year old graduate student gained 13 lbs - all muscle - while improving is his squat form and his squat five-rep max over sixty pounds.  He is also now proudly the strongest and most muscular person is his family.  #STRENGTHFEELSGOOD

"2 inches off her waist with food-focus"

30-year old sales rep lost 7lbs of bodyfat and 2 inches on her waist in two months focusing primarily on adjusting her diet while including food she enjoys. #RESULTSTHATTASTEGOOD

"Walking comfortably again"

54-year old legal executive with a dozen surgeries on both knees now comfortably walks for miles, with a focus on soft tissue pliability, setting weekly walking goals, and some resistance training. #FunCTIONAL

What to Expect

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A coach who really listens to you and empathizes


Dynamic, fun sessions

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Exceptional support including videos and start-to-finish programs

More energy, vitality and confidence.

Less stress and pain.

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An experienced, knowledgeable trainer and coach


Expert guidance on diet, exercise and lifestyle

About Andrew

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As a coach and trainer for nine years and working with quite a few different folks, I've learned that you don't have to work yourself thin, deprive yourself or be miserable to be healthy or to achieve your goals.  I can help you enjoy both the results AND the process.  

Here's what I'm best at and what I can help you accomplish, in no particular order:  

  • Lose body fat and tone
  • Run faster and better with less pain
  • Grow muscle and bulk
  • Improve sport performance
  • Reduce pain and fear of painful movement
  • Improve strength (and speed)
  • Improve flexibility, mobility and balance

To get started or learn more about working with me, you can easily reach me by filling out this handy contact form.

To learn more about my story and background and how I found my way to training and coaching, click here.  

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On the edge of Jackson Square and convenient to the Financial District and surrounding neighborhoods, our private, code-secure lower level studio is fully equipped for fitness and offers towel service and purified water, bathrooms, showers, and toiletries including body wash, shampoo, & conditioner and hair dryers. 

222 Columbus Ave, San Francisco



M-F 7a–7pm

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