Small changes can make a big difference, Part I.

This blog is part of a series called “Small changes can make a big difference” in which I explore research, ideas and examples of how small changes in our lives - in our health, habits, thinking or feeling - creates a feeling of being more whole and alive.  The underlying idea here is about taking big ideas, tasks or goals and breaking them into smaller, manageable steps.  

I started to dive into this theme in two different blogs a few weeks, with how to make someone’s day in five different and easy ways and how to improve your pushups by up to fifteen in month.  The goals we addressed there are a) giving to the people around us, and b) improving our fitness. 

So here’s one way to make a difference in our lives with a small change:

***Identify one thing that gets in your way, one thing that you do that makes you unhappy or a thing that you know is keeping you back from doing something you would love.***

That’s it.  Next time, we’ll talk about what to do with that one thing.