First. Blog. 2018.

I’m four days into 2018 and it’s been an eventful year already.  And I take the firm position that it’s been a good four days :)

1) Recovering from my surgery (septoplasty and turbinate reduction)

Ah, I can finally breathe through my nose a little bit since the surgery on 12/29.  Two nights ago, I slept twelve hours because I had barely slept the four previous nights (but was surprisingly functional and motivated throughout those four days, which was a really nice surprise).  Dr. Tang at Kaiser took out the packing that was in my nose.  That was a strange feeling.  But not being able to breathe through my nose made it incredibly difficult to eat, drink and talk...and sleep.  Hella dry mouth and gasping for air throughout the night was very uncomfortable - not to mention blood and music were dipping down my nasal passage into my throat.  I am glad that portion of the recovery is over, and I am looking forward to seeing what the removal of the stints next week will do.

2) As part of the surgery recovery, I am forbidden from working out for two weeks after the surgery, and I’m allowed to resume activity gradually thereafter.  And you know what?  I’m at peace with it and haven’t struggled with it much.  A year ago I would have trouble with it.  I accept it because I did the surgery for my health, to improve my formerly awful ability to breathe through my nose, which affected my ability to breathe while I slept and therefore recovery and therefore daily energy (I had to sleep at least eight and a half hours a night to feel human).  If the surgery helps with my energy and sleep needs, then great.  If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.  But I have to honor the recovery process and honor my intentions and body.  To put my recovery at risk for a few workouts is silly.  Those workouts aren’t important enough.  Also, not working out has opened up quite a bit of time for me to work on new projects and tasks that I’m excited about, like the workshops (next section below).  

Side note: I hadn’t had my heart rate or blood pressure taken in a while.  The morning of the surgery, my heart rate was averaging 45/bpm.  Blood pressure was 106/72.  That was cool to learn, haha.  I guess I’m staying healthy in at least two physiological measurements...  

3) I’m really excited to put together some workshops this year.  I’ve wanted to offer more opportunities for learning and development to my current group of clients for a while, and I’ve wanted to be able to offer helpful the same opportunities to other folks at a more affordable level than what I currently charge for individual coaching sessions.  I’ve also learned the value of community and the impact it has on success for many people.   

Right now, I’m working on two workshops: Back to Basics, with health coach Babette Dunkelgrun, which offers simple and manageable strategies more finding joy, energy, and purpose; and 100 Pushups, which details how simple and manageable it is to be able to do 100 Pushups in about a year’s time while reviewing proper technique and myths about strength.  Simplicity and manageability are themes here because I’ve learned that most people succeed less when the path is complex and often therefore less manageable.  I’m planning on partaking in the 100 pushup challenge to show that it works, as soon as I’m cleared by Dr. Zemo (the awesome head and neck surgeon from Kaiser) to exercise.  

4) With a lot of personal work, thanks to my awesome therapist Derron Santin and to my family and friends who listen and share, I am better approaching each day with the perspective that

  • I will give something to people I meet and make their day better
  • I approach each day and person (including myself) with a warm, non-judging, compassionate and empathic heart, mind, and spirit, and a smile
  • I have a choice of what I do each day - I don’t need to fall to habit
  • I chose to be present in the moment
  • I consider how I’m feeling physically, emotionally, and spiritually and act accordingly
  • Each moment has something wonderful
  • My attitude and perspective determine how I enjoy each day and how I impact others 

These might seem like hippie/new-agey/touchy-feely things for me to say, and a few years ago, I would have totally agreed.  But I was pretty depressed and in a really bad place just two years ago.  I’m at a point where I value and understand and really FEEL what it means to listen and give to others, and to listen and give to myself.  I didn’t have that self-awareness before, and it’s been transformational and the launching point for being more aware of - and truly and deeply concerned for - others.  Not that I wasn’t aware and concerned about you and other people before, but the level of that awareness and feeling is so much greater and more powerful now.  

And that’s an awesome, freeing feeling. 

And that’s what’s up so far in 2018.