2 Minutes to Improve Your Pushups By up to 15 In One Month

Alright, crew, here's a quick two-step, two minute way to improve how many pushups you can do.  Using this method, I've seen folks improve on average six to ten pushups and even up to fifteen, in one month.

1) Pick your pushup type (elevated on a table, on a bench, or on the floor).  Choose a version of which you can do at least ten.

2) After warming up you shoulders and upper body with some gentle, dynamic stretches and movements...

Do one set a day until failure, five times a week

(failure = when you can't keep good form or complete a pushup)

That's it.  One set a day.  Are you up for it? 

(Practical question: what time of day makes the most sense for you to do it? )

I'll check in with you after a month, and you're welcome to post your results!