About Andrew (cont'd)


I'll add more here in a bit, but this is a good start :)

I believe that there is no one approach - for food, fitness, or for any healthy behavior change - that works for everyone, that everyone has a unique combination of needs and goals, and I also believe that a person will need to change and use different approaches over time. . 

My passion is two-fold: learning about where you are and what you need now, and helping empower you to accomplish your current goals with education and questions that direct and guide you to the right path.  Some people do well with lots of education and being pushed hard.  Some people do well with smaller steps and more questions.  Some people need to meet four times a week.  Some people need to meet twice a week.  There's no right way that I try to fit you into; we figure out together what works for you.  I like that being a part of that process, and it doesn't need to be hard.  It will be difficult at times, but it won't always be hard. Yes, there's light at the end of the tunnel but there's also a lot of light along the tunnel.  I'm here to be that light. #metaphors

Here's a quick explanation of terms you'll see on my site and other folks' sites:

Personal trainer: qualified to work with you for fitness goals, NOT nutrition or lifestyle.

Health Coach: qualified to work with you on fitness, nutrition and behavior change strategies

As a former trainer-only, I promise you, trainers are NOT qualified to give you nutritional advice or guidelines.  They have great intentions, but their education is limited to fitness.  I was that trainer who used to dole out diet and nutritional advice because I'm an avid nutrition and health reader and wanted to help my clients.  But that didn't necessarily make my advice helpful for YOU.  After getting my health coach certification, I learned why the health coach certification was so important - I became equipped to have a better understanding of your relationship with food and understanding more about YOU the client and to better help you.  And I also learned that food and drink intake is 80% of weight-related goals, which is why appropriate and educated food and lifestyle advice and guidance is paramount.  

Great personal trainers understand their limitations and know what they are good at.  They also give you fitness support and programs outside of sessions, because you have at least 165 hours in a week where you are not with the trainer, and what you do in those hours can have a much greater effect on your health than three hours of training can.  Working with me, if you need fitness guidance, you'll get start-to-finish workouts as well as weekly schedules for how to workout and when, including travel workouts, gym workouts, cardio workouts, no-equipment strength workouts...all included in your coaching.  And you have power and a say in all of this - in fact, most of what your programs will look like will come from your desire, drive, and choices from what we work on, and your flexibility to try new things and grow.

If you need food and lifestyle guidance, you'll also have education and choice over what approach we take.  


Here's a little bit my education experience (I'll add more about my story and background soon):